Red Dot invests in Israeli related high-tech companies with market tested technologies and a robust customer base. Strong investment candidates demonstrate strong revenue growth and an interest to scale their operation internationally. We have particular interest in companies seeking growth in Asia.


Red Dot intends to invest only in a select number of companies to ensure our team can properly engage and contribute to each and every one. We place an emphasis on leveraging our team’s and Limited Partners’ diverse global network to make high-impact introductions to potential clients, strategic players, and other investors.


Quantum Machines develops a quantum orchestration platform, control hardware and software, that enables to run the most complex quantum algorithms - from multi-qubit calibrations to quantum-error-correction, right out of the box.
Sealights develops a Quality Governance platform for software development teams to gain visibility into pre-production environments and make data-driven decisions that results in better quality and faster software releases.
Perception Point is a Prevention as a Service company, offering fast interception of any content-based attack across all collaboration channels including email, cloud storage, CRM apps and messaging platforms. Deployed in minutes with no change to the enterprise’s infrastructure, Perception Point prevents phishing, BEC, spam, malware, Zero-days and N-days well before it reaches the enterprise’s end-users.
Granulate provides a real-time continuous performance optimization solution that effortlessly improves their customers’ workload performance at lower costs with no code changes required.
In stealth mode
Coralogix is a Log Analytics platform that empowers teams to autonomously manage and analyze data in cloud applications. The platform's machine learning engine enables users to improve their stability, and accelerate their version delivery without paying for the noise their systems generate. Thousands of global-leading companies already use Coralogix to power their businesses.
EverC provides online data intelligence to detect and prevent online money laundering (transaction laundering) as part of its mission to reduce online crime and empower e-commerce growth. EverC uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess and drive insights from hundreds of millions of domains. These insights reveal hidden risks associated with online entities and serve a wide range of customers such as banks, credit card companies, payment processors, payment facilitators, online marketplaces, and law enforcement agencies.
Codefresh develops a CI/CD as a Service that is natively built on and for Kubernetes. Designed for software developers and DevOps engineers, Codefresh simplifies and improves the way pipelines are built and managed. Codefresh’s out of the box Kubernetes architecture allows greater visibility across the development cycle, shorter downtimes, faster and more efficient operations, and most importantly a managed environment that scales to optimize the workloads.
Trigo provides grocery retailers checkout-free technologies in order to create an end-to-end frictionless shopping experience for their customers. Tier 1 retailers are deploying Trigo’s computer vision based retail automation platform, enabling the identification of customers’ shopping items with high accuracy levels, and a seamless checkout process.
Trusted by Fortune 100, government organizations and leading service providers, CTERA provides the only cyber-hardened and completely unified file sharing and data protection platform. The CTERA platform allows enterprise IT to address the full continuum of global file services from the cloud infrastructure of their choice. CTERA is leading the digital transformation of enterprises to global file services for edge to cloud, with millions of corporate users and tens of thousands of offices worldwide.
Armis eliminates the IoT security blind spot, protecting enterprises from the threat of unmanaged or rogue devices and networks. Fortune 1000 customers trust Armis’ agentless IoT security platform to discover and analyze any device, protecting their business critical information and systems. Armis is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Puls is an instant services company that connects consumers with expert technicians for rapid-response repairs and on-the-spot support for the devices at the heart of digital life. Puls’ proprietary software, 24/7 customer service, and strong professional network ensure top quality services from cell phone repair to TV installation and smart home setup, in as little as 60 minutes. Puls is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in San Diego and Tel Aviv.
Celeno is a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi solutions for managed multi-service 4K multimedia and data networking applications. Celeno develops and sells high-performance Wi-Fi 802.11ac chips with combined software for HD multimedia and data networking applications for residential and commercial applications.
Claroty is a cyber security company focused on industrial networks offering organizations visibility and control over their Industrial Control System (ICS) Networks. Claroty helps industrial facilities mitigate risk of attack, enhance availability and streamline operations. Claroty’s product detects and profiles data flow in these networks, gives clients visibility into networks and alerts anomalies.
Global-e provides a comprehensive end-to-end cross-border eCommerce solution acting as a "man-in-the-middle" between the merchant and the international consumer and covering everything from seamless and transparent website adjustments through drop-mailing and logistics management to customer service and returns.